Monday, October 26, 2009

Investing on software, Yes or No

I will discus In follow of "Microsoft, the Cash Cow" article in fortune April 13 2009 and Michel V.Copeland beginning note "The software giant may not be a high-powered growth machine anymore, but it offers financial strength and an attractive yield."

Is it true? How much economic crisis made effect on Software industry? And what are solutions for leadership in this market to save it?
Innovation ? Creativity ?
let me to write ...
1st place in Top technology Companies is for Microsoft[1]. Microsoft profits jumped 25.7% to $17.7 billion on revenues of $60.4 billion as the software giant offset declining sales of its Windows operating system with increased revenues from its server and tools software products.
In year that most company had problems we have growth in companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec , CA and same as them and we know most of industry dependent to software technologies and these companies so how we can say the time of investing on softwer technologies was over!.
Just maybe in compere to oil and gold, software did not get unbelievable profit on one day to some groups and now stock Mafia want to trap people money on them instead other uncontrolled market!

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