Monday, October 12, 2009

Microsoft Stock price from $15 in 97 to $15 in Aug 2009

"Microsoft, the Cash Cow" was an article about the stock market of Microsoft as largest software company.
Microsoft Stock price was $15 in 97 and fell down to $15 in Aug 2009 and now is $28. Because of business crisis Microsoft's stock fell about 40%, but it started going up a gain.
However, Bob Turner, who manages 415 billion at Turner Investment Partners believes investing again in Microsoft is not good now, because they had growth before enough and other technologies company such as Apple and Broadcom have faster grown.

So, what Microsoft needs now? And how they can control these new growth eras?
1. New Strategy?
2. New product (let see what will happen to stock after releasing windows 7 )
3. New Market?
4. Acquiring competitors?

After releasing Windows 7 their stock growth from $26.59 to $28.68. What will happen in long time?

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