Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SAP Vs Oracle

Most of My frind know, I am interesting on Oracle and Linux. Most time I involve myself in compatiter war and I want to know which of them are final winner.
In my privous post i mention Oracle is in ranking 113 of top American company but what about SAP (Strongest and may be last competitor of Oracle).
I found SAP revenue down 10 percent but profit up in 2009 that means US$2.58 billion in 2009 but Oracle was $22.5 Billion in 2009 and this means around 8.5 times more than SAP.
Actualy, Oracle get new strategy from simple database leader to Enterprice Application leader with acquering all competitor that last one was Sun Microsystem (Java world) from 2003.
Result of these acquering was going to 113 from 196 and from $11.5 Billion to $22.5 Billion ( i think from around 40,000 staff to 90,000 staff now, please get reference)

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