Friday, October 9, 2009

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"How Can I Get Candid Feedback From My Employees?" is an interesting article about people part of ITOT :) in the fortune magazine.

1. How do I know whether I am hearing the truth?
  a. Hotlines for seeking opinions
  b. say that you trust if they say the truth
  c. encourage employees to discuss

2. What can I do to encourage an open dialogue?
  a. a party and ask to discuss about business!
  b. in Intel Management skip-level meeting and they meet two level down
  c. Show you value differing opinions

3. What if my employees are afraid are to speak honestly to the CEO?
  a. Create a safe place
  b. Use social media such a comment in your online newspaper
  c. Send your top people into the employees ( a little change :) )

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