Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Who will be No. 1 on the 500 and how?

Really is too hot to understanding who are on the top of the fortune 500, but I think how is more important than who, am I right?
In Fortune annual ranking of America's largest corporations TOP 1000, Now, Exxon Mobil is No. 1. that is a Petroleum Refining! corporation with 442,851.0 million$ revenue and 45,220.0 million$ profit. They say "it's that Exxon Mobil is perfectly capable of making billions of dollars even with oil at $50 a barrel or less."
But more interesting for me is No.8 and No.9 that means AT&T and Hewlett-Packard.
If I want continue (Revenue, Profit in Million$):
8. AT&T 124,028.0 12,867.0
9. Hewlett-Packard 118,364.0 8,329.0
12. Citigroup 112,372.0 -27,684.0 (negative profit !) (Who said Citibank is in danger !)
33. Dell 61,101.0 2,478.0
35. Microsoft !!! 60,000 17,681.0 ( 48 in 2006 with 39,788.0 12,254.0)
57. Cisco Systems 39,540.0 8,052.0
61. Intel 37,586.0 5,292.0
71. Apple 32,479.0 4,834.0
113. Oracle 22,430.0 5,521.0 (196 in 2006 with 11,799.0 2,886.0)
117. Google 21,795.6 4,226.9

I was sad when I found my favorite company in level 113!. In other hand we know Oracle acquired some famous companies in this year that one of them is Sun with around 9 Million$. So I hop this company reach higher then Microsoft.More Interesting is about Google.I did not believe Google will be 117 in American companies, What happened for world economy really in these two years!.
I think we can discuss 1 year about the reason of this ranking. Google just with online service 21000 Million$ revenue, Apple and Intel with two different business strategy are in same place!

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