Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Verifying Email with SMS

Mostly, Email is not formal and trustful yet. We know Digital Signing is on way for verifying sender and E-government, new social rules or a simple verified communication plan in one organization are ways for making email formal and secure.

But new way, If we combine email and sms, we reach to easy way for securing and maybe making it formal. If mail providers make a uniq ID for emails and Unique algorithm for generating security ID base on content of email, email sender can send them to email reciver ID and Security ID of email for verifying email.
Faking phone number of sender in sms is too much harder than email and list of SMS from provider is provable in law forcment agents.
But, Why we have not any ID or Number for emails? Gmail can assign ID to our each email easaly and we can request it from all email provider or we can create new service for registering email and geting ID or security ID.
I know at least, I can send a simple SMS to say I sent an email and your manager, sponsor or supervisor can send just a "OK".