Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Which city is suitable for migration?

Refer to nice and interesting UBS survey of "Most Expensive Cities" we can decide which city will better for working and living.
UBS Ranking 2009 ,The most expensive cities in the world (2008 in parentheses):
(based on a standardised basket of 122 goods and services) :
1(2). Oslo
2(6). Zurich
5(8). Tokyo
6(5). New York
15(21). Los Angeles
19(34). Dubai
21(1). London !!! ( most expensive city 2008 is under Dubai, now !)
24(38). Singapore
28(35). Hong Kong
43(31). Seoul
70(71). Kuala Lumpur ( Can you believe ? 2008 and 2009 is same and means one of cheapest capital for living )
73(56). Mumbai ( last city = chipest one for living !)

Result : If you live in Dubai means maybe is time to migrating to londan becuse there is more cheper (joking :) ) , But we can see most suitable of them might be Kuala Lumpour.

UBS Ranking 2009 , The richest cities in the world (2008 in parentheses):
base on highest gross earnings of employees and standardized Prices and Earnings survey in 73 international cities in March 2009.
1(6). Copenhagen
2(1). Zurich
4(11). New York
5(3). Oslo
6(14). Los Angeles
18(20). Tokyo
20(15). Sydney ( Very nice place , two time more than Sing and 1.5 cheper than Sing !)
21(7). Londaon
22(26). Paris
24(19). Toronto
36(31). Dubai ( Less earn than Londaon but more expensivve than it? Unbilivible ?)
37(42). Hong Kong
38(34). Seoul
40(36). Singapore
62(57). Kuala Lumpur ( nice place reffer to cost and comparable with singapore)
73(67). Mumbai

My Point of View (Focuse on Asia)
I think Sydney and Kuala Lumpur are two nice place for living in Asia and Dubai is not interesting any more(It has proved) and KL will replace with it. Singapore and Tokyo are more expensive and has less earne espesial for Singapore in 2009 after USA(not world) economy crisis. About Hong Kong and Seoul, I think they are better than Sing but I did not know that Seoul is too close and better than Hong Kong and Sing!
Of Course, This is a compersion just in two dimension ( Cost <-> Earn ) and living in one place has another views too but this resarch can clear migrants economy's purposes and effectiveness of capital cites managements or goverments decisions in this economy crisis.

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