Monday, April 26, 2010

Oracle tools

Same as other applications, Oracle has lots of command line or GUI tools that are interesting for an administrator. We are familiar with some of thme but they are more than we think. In addition some of them are undocumented that an oracle expert should knows.

refer to here to find most of them.

Some Tools:
sqlplus Command line SQL*Plus user interface
dbca Database Configuration Assistant
dbua Database Upgrade Assistant
RMAN Backup and Recovery ( hurt of a DBA)
DataPump Export
impdp DataPump Import
LSNRCTL Listener Control
dgmgrl Data Guard Manager
Nid Tool for setting a New Identifier for a database
oradim Utility for configuring Windows services. Not present in any non-Windows installation
orapwd Tool for creating and managing password files
sqlldr SQL*Loader used to load files from the file system into the database and by External Tables
wrap Tool for encrypting PL/SQL source code prior to loading into the database
asmcmd ASM Command Line Utility
CMADMIN Connection Manager Administration
dbv DataBase Verify

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