Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Make and Distrobute Survey in Social Networks

Today, social networks are easy tools for communicate to customers ,researchers and people around the world. All of us know about importance of survey from diffrent people group as much as possible and social network is real answare.
Just immagine, I amde a website that you can make your survey inside and distrobute it in all page of all socal network you are member. Your frind or customers share it and your frind of frind they share it again, what happen? you can distrobute it easyly and sufficent because you know age, education, fan of them that help you to catogrise result of survey.
In the other hand, we can show interesting answer after each survey to persons such as they look who?! or which famous person answer same as them! or a little more intelligent we can inform their personality and their future.