Friday, August 27, 2010

FORTUNE and Best Companies to Work For

Who doesn't want to work in a best company?! Fortune release new list of the Best Companies to Work (BCW) and 23 companies appear on both the FORTUNE 500 and 2010 ranking of the Best Companies to Work For (here). This list is based on some factors such as "Average of annual pay in the most common job for professionals"or "coverage of the health insurance".
Interesting part is SAS is number One (Why SAS). SAS is No.1 in business analytics (my current research is on SAS9.2) and now No.1 in BCW list.
The Number one in both list is Microsoft and there are four other IT companies in top 10.
Average of salary in Microsoft is $120K that is much less than Cisco and little more than Intel.(I can not find Google stats, is it confidential?!)

Top 10 Companies are in both Top 500 Company and Top Best Company for Work in 2010:
company Fortune
500 rank
2010 Best to
Work For rank
Avg. annual pay in
most common job (professional)
Microsoft 36 51 $120,657
Goldman Sachs Group 39 24 $122,000
Cisco Systems 58 16 $135,877
FedEx 60 91 $73,639
Intel 62 98 $118,295
American Express 88 73 $101,360
Publix Super Markets 99 86 $113,662
Google 102 4 N.A.
AFLAC 130 37 $61,340
United Services Automobile Association 132 45 $95,040

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