Saturday, June 4, 2011

Who is the next? Buy Who? Which price? Surprise IT World again?

 Before I start, to say the main reason of post, we should look at a brief compare on acquisitions of top 5 IT companies:

  1. HP Acquires             Number of acquisitions  ~= 112
    Highest =Compaq,25$ Billion, May 2002 & EDS 13.5$ Billion, Aug 2008 
  2. IBM Acquires          Number of acquisitions~= 134
    Highest = Cognos (BI) 5$ Billion, Jan 2008
  3. Microsoft Acquires  Number of acquisitions~= 143
    Highest = Skype 8.5 Billion$ May 2011
  4. Oracle Acquires      Number of acquisitions~= 61
    Highest = BEA Systems 8.5$ Billion, Jan 2008
  5. Google Acquires     Number of acquisitions= 96
    Highest = DoubleClick 3.5$ Billion, April 2007
If you really attention to effect of these acquisitions instead of price or numbers acquisition of  Sun, BEA, PeopleSoft and Siebel by Oracle was more interesting than Skype by Microsoft or YouTube by Google.

So,  I just wonder why Microsoft buy a 500 employers company with 0.7$ Billion revenue in same price of Oracle bought out BEA with 79,000 employers and 1.5$ Billion revenue!!!
I think Larry Ellison, CEO of  Oracle should teach "cheap acquiring" to Steve Ballmer.
I am waiting for another suprice by Oracle, for example "SAP acquisition"! Is it possible?

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