Friday, July 12, 2013

No SQL Database

It looks like "No SQL" also going to be famous like Cloud (if it dose not happen yet at least).
I have started to learn about "No SQL" not because Google (bigtable) or Facebook using "NO SQL", just because Oracle has announced its No SQL DB (here and here) which uses Key-Value Data model based on its "Oracle Berkeley DB Java" (here and here).

Based on "Martin Fowler" (YouTube, Brief PDF) "No SQL" have not a unique definition and we should define it with its characteristics which are:
  1. Non-Relational
  2. Cluster-Friendly 
  3. Mostly Open Source
  4. Developed in 21st Century and Web
  5. Schema-Less
And they have 5 Design types:(more example)
  1. Key-Value ( i.e. Project Voldemort, Riak, Redis)
  2. Document (i.e. mongoDB, Raven DB, CouchDB)
  3. Column-Family (i.e. Apache HBASE, Cassandra)
  4. Graph (i.e. Neo4j)

More important is, looks like different type of "No SQL" and RDBMS are useful for different businesses, contexts and purposes. For me it means, I have one "No SQL" option for analytical purpose beside Essbase, Vertica and Infobright, which is "Apache Cassandra".


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